How to prevent rust on cars and trucks MI Collision
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Rust is particularly a displeasing sight to owners. However, it can also be prevented and managed effectively with constant preventive measures, an ounce of which is more than a pound of treatment. Below are maintenance steps which should be taken to prevent rust formation on your cars and trucks.

1. Careful and frequent examination of car parts for rust formation.

Because they are particularly open to dirt, the bumpers and wheel wells should be regularly checked for rust formation before it spreads to other parts. Because dirt can be immense in the wheel wells, you can spray with an hose before checking for potential rust formation. Also look for the body parts where metals meet, they are a potential zone of rust formation, particularly if they rub each other, which will compromise the protection of the paint on those parts.

2. Check the Vehicle bottom regularly.

Home to the most concentration of dirt, the bottom of the car is a highly likely zone of rust formation, and more so if you leave in areas where salt and other chemicals are used to treat snow during the winter. Thus, ensure to check the underside of your car for rust formation when changing the oil or rotating the wheels.

3. Check water retaining body parts

The clear coats, paint and plastic trim pieces are there to protect the car from potential rust formation. However, they become compromised over time for many reasons, one of which is water. Ensure to frequently check body parts of the car that retains water and clean them. This will come in handy in protecting your car from rusting

4. Wash your car regularly.

Although dirt and other particles don’t directly result in the formation of rust, they become the breeding hub for rusts overtime when they are rubbed on the surface of the paint coatings. Also, the oil spills when refueling can also compromise the integrity of the paint in the long run. Thus it’s imperative to regularly wash your car to maintain its shine. Washing your car at least once in two weeks should suffice.

5. Use of Baking soda with automobile soap when washing your car.

This will be a huge step particularly if you reside in areas where salts are used to maintain the roads during snowy winter period. The salts and other chemicals are really debilitating to your car, thus adding a table spoon of baking soda to your automobile soap when washing will neutralize the salts and help maintain the integrity of the paint.

6. Wax your car

Wax, apart from facilitating the shine of your car, also protects damaging and fading of the paint. It is also water resistant to water and adds an extra layer of protection from sunlight. It is advised to wax your car a minimum of two times a year to keep your car rust free while maintaining its luster.

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